Set yourself up for academic success.

WIth UofTimetable, you can.

Planning your next year of courses can be confusing.

That's why UofTimetable is designed to help streamline that process by allowing you to see conflicts before you even add courses to your timetable, save multiple options of timetables in case a course is full, and play around with your options until you're pleased and confident in your selections.

Conflicts? A thing of the past.

With real-time conflict notifications, you'll be aware of potential course timing issues before you even add a course to your schedule.

Always be ready for full courses.

UofTimetable allows you to create multiple scenarios and save them, so that come course selection day, if one of your options is already taken, you have several waiting, all planned out.

Completely Free to Use

No cost, ever.

Gets Course Updates Automatically

Course information is automatically kept up-to-date with UofT's database.

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